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Not much.

I contacted PCNA (Porsche Cars North America) Customer Commitment.
First, I called. I explained my situation. They told me 'good luck'.
So I wrote a formal letter, explained my situation, how much I loved the car, how I had been a loyal customer of 18 years. After some exchange, they sent me an 'offer'. Their offer was to cover a fraction of the cost of total engine replacement.
If I had accepted, I would have still spent more than half of what the car is worth, in used excellent running condition.
I requested they meet me half way, but they declined. They gave me a week to accept their offer, otherwise they would close my case and have no further communication with me.

I declined.

-as a matter of principle- and, I also wrote the CEO of PCNA stating that I will never own another Porsche again. I didn't hear back from PCNA.

I expected Excellence.

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